“Green” Coffee

Stumbled across an interesting find today. On my walk home from class, I was suddenly struck by an overwhelming and all-consuming fatigue. No, this isn’t interesting. But as I sniffed out the nearest coffee shop, I found something truly inspired. With all the concerns for the environment and global warming (etc…), it seems like everyone and their mother is “going green.”

Birdbath Bakery (160 Prince St.) is almost 100% sustainable. Not only are all the products organic/reused/recycled, but the shop itself is as well. The walls are made of wheat. The cups are made of biodegradable corn. The counter-top is made out of recycled paper. I’m not sure how any of this is possible, but it’s a sure sign of commitment.

I left satisfied, and not just because of the giant coffee in my right hand and a cookie in my left. I’ve always wanted to drink out of a cup made of corn.

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