Close Encounters

Living in Chinatown/Little Italy certainly comes with its fair share of problems. You’ve got the Feast San Gennaro ruining the lives of every resident. You’ve got the smell of fish poisoning your nostrils first thing every morning. And the siren call of fresh cannoli challenges every serial-dieter’s will-power.

There’s one thing that you should never have to see before 10am (or at any hour, for that matter): a bag of frogs being carried towards Death Row, the Chinese fish market. Granted, the fish markets on Mott St. sell pretty much anything that ever lived underwater. Shrimp, scallops, whole lobsters and fish with teeth are the ones that come to mind.

But frogs? A whole bag bag of live frogs, more innocent than the ones in my neighborhood pool? Do they really deserve this? According to the restaurant underneath my apartment, they are a delicacy. My next mission: bite into a crunchy frog leg. Until next time…

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One Response to Close Encounters

  1. Kurt Yalcin says:

    hahah! rrrribit

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