And We Think We Have Problems…

Let’s be honest – this bedbug problem isn’t getting any better. Accept it, own it, and bow down to them as your all-powerful insect overlords. But just outside of our contaminated mattress of a city there’s a new buggy threat gaining power, waiting for the chance to invade New York and fight the bedbugs for control:

Stink bugs.

The population of these foul smelling insects has reached plague-ish proportions in the Mid Atlantic states (specifically Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey) after growing exponentially since the first reported sighting 12 years ago in Allentown, Pennsylvania – which, by the way, is only 100 miles west of Manhattan, and if they could get there from Asia, they can get here from Pennsylvania. Oh, and don’t try to kill them or make them mad. That’s when they spray you with their skunk-like fluids.

Years from now they will make nostalgic films about the olden days when New York belonged to humans instead of various omnipotent bug species.

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One Response to And We Think We Have Problems…

  1. Laura Steiner says:

    I’ve been exiled from my apartment as the exterminator takes care of my bed bug problems. Guess I should be thankful they’re not stinking up my entire place.

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