Technology and Nature

I ran across this Soulpancake blog post today. It talks all about how the technology of the future (or even perhaps the present) will help ‘redefine nature’ as we know it. Is the future of nature gardens and LED lights living in harmony, projected growth of plants on a user friendly monitor, or an electronic organizer like the infamous bird watching book in Redtails in Love that could never be stolen, but constantly updated? Soulpancake posts the question, “Does man have the right to redesign and redefine nature?” My question is what could we design to make nature more ‘future user friendly’, educational, and more importantly, keep the pensive quality that it holds for us now in a future world?


About Emily Adaire

Professional book reader, child chaser, animal lover and cookie taster.
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One Response to Technology and Nature

  1. Kurt Yalcin says:

    it makes me think of a bonsai tree. to some extent I think we do have the right to redefine nature. it goes along with the Trouble with Wilderness essay….We can redefine it all we like…but nature is nature

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