Trees are Dying

Photo by Stephanie Williams

Sometimes I forget that Central park was designed by man. On a walking tour of Frederick Law Olmsted’s  Central Park, I was reminded of this fact. Walking along the beautiful Central Park Mall, shown above, my professor pointed out the Elm Trees that lined the promenade. He commented that Elms are one of the best trees for park design because of the way their branches and leaves grow. At the top of the Elm tree, the branches and leaves spread far enough to let in enough light to grow grass below. Then he mentioned the intensive precautions taken by the City and Central Park to preserve the Elms from Dutch Elm Disease. He recalled a time that all the trees were covered in plastic bags, undergoing tree-surgery. The Central Park website reported removing nine Elms in June due to Dutch Elm’s disease and predicts removing over 30 by the end of the year.


About Kurt Yalcin

A senior at New York University. Born and raised in charm city, Baltimore
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